[DDM] System Architecture

My project is not just an application but a system. My project will consist of two applications, sensor reader and sound synthesizer. These two application will communicate with each other through network. Sensor reader will read data from Leap Motion controller and send it to network. Sound synthesizer will use the data received from sensor reader application and use it to determines which sound sound synthesizer will create.

System Architecture

System Architecture

We can use more than one sensor reader and sound synthesizer. Let’s say, if a performance need at least 30 Angklung notes and each Leap Motion controller can be used for 4 Angklung notes [1] it means we can use one sound synthesizer and eight sensor reader for a performance or we can use two sound synthesizer that each of it handle four sensor reader.

[1] http://blog.me.logicwall.com/2015/06/18/ddm-between-leap-motions-range/

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