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Bharatayudha, Pong Based Game for Nokia S60 3rd Edition

Pong is one of popular game that ever exist in the world. Most people get excited when playing this kind of game. Bharatayudha is pong based game that raised Bharatayudha war story from Indonesian wayang.

Bharatayudha have unique gameplay, it has pong based gameplay and battle gameplay. Each player have life bar and energy bar. Every time “the pong ball” hit a player, life bar will be reduced and if life bar reach zero, game over. When a player have full energy, he/she can use it to cast special abillity that vary from one character to another. There is also a possibility for a player to get special summon of god of death that can instantly kill the caster and god of the moon that can instantly make caster win the game.

For you that already installed this application in your device, please kindly give me a feedback or bug report support@logicwall.com to improve this game. Hope you enjoy the game ^_^

Logicwall Developer

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