Road Trip to Isle of Skye and Fort William


Three days two nights. Last week, five of us went to a road trip to Isle of Sky and Fort William. We depart around 10 o’clock and go to Stirling Castle first. We did’t go inside the castle because it’s expensive :-p so we just go around it.

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

After that we go to Loch Ness. We use further road through Inverness while enjoying the scenery of Highlands. Going down from Inverness we take the road beside the Loch Ness. We got really great view of Loch Ness here. We stop by Urquhart Castle to take a picture there and enjoy the sun.


Urquhart Castle

From Urquhart Castle we go straight to our hostel in Isle of Skye. We stay at Saucy Mary’s Lodge for one night. After relax a bit, we continue our journey to find some Northern Light in Glendale. We don’t have got mobile reception there so we kind of loss. Instead of taking the sorter route we toke the long one and we don’t even get the Northern Light. After hours drive (and got loss) finally we can rest in bed.

In the morning we check out from the hostel and continue our journey to Old Man of Storr and Quiraing. It was quite a hike there and because we don’t have much time then we continue to drive to our hostel in Fort William. I stayed in different hostel than the rest of us because I join the trip in the last minute :D.


The Old Man Storr



The next morning, the last day of our trip, we go to Glenfinnan Viaduct. It’s Harry Potter filming spot (the train scene). We were lucky back then because we arrive right before the train pass the viaduct.


Glenfinnan Viaduct

From Glenfinnan we went to hike in Ben Navis. It was quite a beautiful view. After relaxing a bit we continue to Steall Falls and wow, the view was awesome. Well, it’s quite a drive and hike but I enjoy it.

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis

Steall Falls

Steall Falls

From the falls we went home through Loch Lomond National Park, it was magnificent. I don’t have a chance to take a picture there because I was driving so I just enjoy it behind the windshield. We got really hungry that time so we decided to have dinner at Glasgow first but after going around the town try to find parking lot for our car finally we gave up and went straight to Edinburgh. It was really fun and tiring  three days and two nights road trip.

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