[DDM] Between Leap Motion’s Range

Before I use Leap Motion as my project’s motion sensor I have to know Leap Motion’s sensor range. This range will determine how Leap Motion will be used in my project. After I read some article about it, I found out that Leap Motion have 150 degree angle of wide and 120 degree angle of deep [1].

Sensor range [1]

Sensor range [1]

And with these information we can get roughly 24 inch wide and 13 inch height [2].

Area represemtation [2]

Area calculation [2]

With around 20 inch deep we can use 5 inch (12 cm) for each Angklung so we will get 4 Angklung notes in each controller (Leap Motion controller). I think 5 inch is sufficient for user to interact with.

[1] http://blog.leapmotion.com/hardware-to-software-how-does-the-leap-motion-controller-work

[2] http://leapgamer.com/blog/25/6_tips_for_effectively_using_the_leap_motion_controller

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