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My Windows 10 Is Here

Earlier this week my Windows 10 upgrade was finally here. I thought I will get it right after It was release at July 29 but I’m wrong. Even though my Surface Pro 3 device is US device, it doesn’t mean I’ll get the upgrade faster than anyone. My friend’s SP3 which is UK device got it first right after Windows 10 launched. Well It doesn’t matter for me as long as I get it.

I was hesitate to upgrade my operating system. This month is crucial time for me, I’ve been posting about my final project lately so don’t want to have a problem with my laptop. After searching in internet and asking my friend who already updated their Windows, it seems fine and no problem at all so I decided to upgrade.

When you decided to upgrade your Windows to Windows 10, you will first download around 2,6 GB files, well that’s maybe depends on your previous operating system and also your device. After download complete, it will install automatically and it will ask you to restart. For me, the installation only took about an hour, some of my friend need more than 3 hours to complete so it might also depends on our hardware.

As you now, I already tried Windows 10 before using insider program. I’m a little worry about this upgrade because there might be some compatibility issues and yes there are. Most of the applications still work as expected, some can still run but need compatibility mode, and some was uninstalled immediately by Windows 10 because compatibility issue. It is fine for me because most program that I need still intact and even untouch ^_^. When you upgrade you OS, there is some option that you can choose, wipe entire hard drive or just clean the operating system. Of course I chose the second one because I still need all my files and the upgrade keeps its promise, not even single personal file deleted.

Right know the upgrade seems fine, I don’t have any major problem. There are still some compatibility problem but I can handle it. Maybe after I finish my final project I will do fresh install of my operating system.

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[Review] Windows 10 Insider Preview

I know it’s just a preview. They even wrote that it’s far from finish but It won’t kill you if you want to try it maybe just a crash ^_^. The official release date of this Windows 10 is July 29th. It’s still more than a month away. I got this version because I join Insider Program from Microsoft. It’s free and you can join it here. If you use windows maybe you already realize that there is a notification about free upgrade to Windows 10 when they release it to public. If you can’t wait till July 29th, just download this version.

Why I want to try this Insider Preview version? well, I don’t really want to try it because it’s far from finish and I’m happy with my Windows 8.1. I tried this version because I want to try Windows 10 IoT for Raspberry Pi 2. They said to download it I have to run at least Windows 10 Insider Preview. Well, It’s not necessarily true because I can download it from Windows 8.1. Let’s just forget about Windows 10 IoT for now, I will write a review later (If I remember and in the mood :P).

Now I’ll try to review Windows 10 Insider Preview. I’ll just review visually not performance etc because I install this in virtual machine so it’s a little laggy.

Login screen – Not much changed than previous Windows 8.1

Windows 10-2015-06-05-04-54-52

Windows 10-2015-06-05-04-56-36

Desktop toolbar – Now you can search right from the toolbar

Windows 10-2015-06-05-04-57-04

Notification view – If you have Windows Phone 8.1, it’s just like that

Windows 10-2015-06-05-04-57-44

Start menu – Combination of the old and new style

Windows 10-2015-06-05-04-59-13

Windows 10-2015-06-05-05-08-25

Running app preview – It’s just like Mac OS X

Windows 10-2015-06-05-05-07-39

Microsoft Edge – Bye Internet Explorer and welcome Microsoft Edge or in this version it still use its code name “Project Spartan”. You still can open website using Internet Explorer though

Windows 10-2015-06-05-05-11-17

Ok that’s it, well at least that’s what I got from this version ^_^

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