Edinburgh Military Tattoo


Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an annual show at Edinburgh International Festival (Fringe Festival) in August. Quoting from their site “Taking place on the esplanade of Edinburgh’s iconic Castle, expect an unforgettable evening of music, ceremony, theater and dance” it was indeed unforgettable evening. Not because the cold, wind, and rain that night but the performances is topnotch.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a collaboration of many countries; Scotland, England, America, China, India, and many more (I don’t really remember all of it :-p). The performances mostly a dance and music, well some of them are military so they “dance” on their own way. I personally like Chinese performance, Lotus Dragon Dance. They start with just a Lotus flowers and suddenly there are dragons, I’m like “where that dragons come from”.

Lotus Dragon Dnace

Lotus Dragon Dnace

When watching some of the military people, I found something interesting, I found blonde performer. Well, there are lots of blonde performers but not that blonde, just check my photo below.



At the end of the performances there are couple of fireworks display. It was beautiful although I had seen it like almost everyday because I live near the castle.



These are some photos and videos that I manage capture while enjoying the shows.

_MG_8195_HR_MG_8221_HR _MG_8249_HR _MG_8254_HR _MG_8271_HR _MG_8289_HR

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