Daily Archives: June 8, 2015

BBQ with PPI Edinburgh

Last Saturday we had another event for Indonesia’s residences in Edinburgh. Last event was held in Richmond Common Room but this time we did it in Heriot Watt University’s Chaplaincy about half an hour from Edinburgh city center by bus. It’s a BBQ potluck party so we have to bring any stuff like meat, chicken, drink, fruit, etc. My friend and I bring fruit and sambal (seasoning). We arrived almost an hour late. Even though we were late, we didn’t miss anything. Some of my friend got lost in Heriot Watt University. They stop in the wrong bus stop so they had to walk few miles to arrive there.┬áIt was hard to make the BBQ working because all the wind and a little rain shower not to mention the cold. But in the end, we did have a good event for all of us.



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