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[DDM] Interview The Experts – My Side of Answers

Last week I wrote a blog post [1] about some question that I will ask to the experts. In this post I write my side of answer from my research to those question.

What is Angklung?

Angklung is a traditional music instrument from bamboo [2]. UNESCO made Angklung as intangible cultural heritage from Indonesia [3]

Where it comes from?

West Java, Indonesia [2]

How to make one?

Prepare the bamboo, create the frame, create the tubes, and tune the Angklung [4]

How we play it?

There are three ways to play Angklung. Kurulung (shaking), centok (snapping), and tengkep (hold one of the tube when shaking) [5]

What scales (notes) do they use?

Originally Angklung use pentatonic scale but Daeng Soetigna modified Angklung to use diatonic scale [6]

How many people do we need to do Angklung performance?

It depends on what song do we play and what notes do we need, usually 10-20 performers.

In term of equipments, is it easy to do performance?

Depends on how many notes we need and how complex the song is. But even for small scale concert, we have to prepare at least 73 Angklung. So, yes it isn’t that easy to hold a performance.


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