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[DDM] Playing with Leap Motion

It’s quit some time since I got my Leap Motion. At first, I bought this device out of curiosity but now I use it for my final project. Leap Motion is a motion sensor hardware that can track your hands and fingers. It has their own application store¬†and a community that eager to learn and develop application with it.

I think Leap Motion still not common out there. It’s a consumer product but still need time until public accept it as a device that can replace your mouse, a device that can help you interact with your computer.

It’s easy to install, just download the software, plug Leap Motion into your computer, and you’re ready to use it. If you’re a developer, the setup is as easy as one click install and you got all you need to develop an application using Leap Motion.

After you install Leap Motion SDK, there is an application that you can use to check if it’s working or not.

Got this image from LEap Motion website (I forgot to do screen capture :-p)

Got this image from Leap Motion website (I forgot to do screen capture :-p)

The application is similar with image above. It shows your tracked hands and fingers. I don’t know if it’s just me or not but I feel a little latency when I use the application. Not that much latency but I overestimate this device. Well, maybe it’s just my computer that acting weird, I hope so because if I get too much latency, it will be useless for my project.

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