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[DDM] Poly and OSC

These past few days, I have been searching about how to do multi threading in Pure Data. My supervisor told me about Poly object in Max MSP and Pure Data has the same object. After I do my research and tried some patches it seems Poly object isn’t what I need. I will try to learn it more next time or maybe I can find a workaround for this problem.

I also tried to learn more about OSC in Pure Data, after following some tutorial I think OSC is not that complicated to do. OSC is just as simple as sending and receiving data in some format. The thing that I need to think more is the data structure itself. I can create any data structure that I want but I have to decide what data that I need for my project and to do this I have to finish the client part of my project (Leap motion controller part).

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[DDM] Processing Audio

Last time I already got recording for some Angklung notes. In my recording, I record each tube for one Angklung note so each Angklung note I have two sound. Originally I only record 7 notes of Angklung which are Angklung number 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. Today I finished processing the recording and got 14 audio file from these 7 Angklung notes. These 14 audio represent single tube of Angklung notes. Using this 14 audio sample I already got 14 notes of Angklung starting from G3. With these audio then I will use Pure Data patch to get the other notes using pitch shifting.

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[DDM] Finally Arrive

After many hours of flight and train, finally I arrive here in Edinburgh. I’m too tired to do anything. I’ll pass for today, I hope I can continue my work tomorrow.

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[DDM] Pitch Shifter

After learning how to use pitch shifter from  Pure Data example, I managed to create my own pitch shifter abstraction. I used the example and modify it so I can use it in abstraction (with local variable of course ^_^).


Then after I finished my shifter, I used it on my main patch for my Angklung. Now I can play Do, Re, Mi notes.


And this is a video of it.

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[DDM] Trial and Error

It wasn’t easy to use local variable in abstraction but once you understand, it’s just piece of cake :p. After some trial and error finally I manage to create my own abstraction of my audio player. We can use multiple player and also multiple audio in each player.


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