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[DDM] Submitted

After more or less two months, finally I submitted my thesis. I can rest now ^_^

Photo Aug 21, 2 41 07 PM

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[DDM] AIM In Action

I think it’s done now. These are some video of my project. Angklung In Motion.

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[DDM] Angklung Melody Abstraction – Update

This afternoon I met with my supervisor. In my report I wrote that my abstraction is not efficient. My supervisor realize and he suggest me using “coll” object. After spend some time modifying my abstraction, it’s finally done and of course a lot more efficient.


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[DDM] Beta

With addition of new patch ak_aim which is the main patch for my project I can say that it’s beta version now. Why beta? well, it’s still a lot of things that I can improve. But before I do that I want to show it to my supervisor first to get his feedback.

Capture Capture2

With beta version ready, now I can move to reporting. I haven’t write a single word not even an outline :-p. At least now I can focus to write.

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[DDM] Angklung Melody Abstraction

Finally I finish it. It wasn’t easy and I think my patch is not efficient at all, you can see it in image below. I tried to make it efficient but in the end it just the same and I’m just wasting my time. Maybe I will tried it again tomorrow but for now I think it’s enough.


Last post I wrote about my abstraction that represents one Angklung note. I create this abstraction so I can use a whole set (30 notes) of Angklung melody. Want to know how it sounds? check this video

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