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Aceh Meukondroe by Kande


You can watch the Aceh Meukondroe at Fringe Festival now everyday at 7:30 pm until August 31, 2015. Book ticket here.

World music from Kande, folk-ethnic group from Aceh, Indonesia. Kande’s music is strong and moving, with rich vocal texture. Kande is a modern music group, combining Acehnese traditional Islamic percussion and western music instruments like guitar and bass. Kande’s music has been performed as spiritual therapy for survivors of the 2006 tsunami in Aceh.

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Mwathirika, Papermoon Puppet Theatre


Papermoon Puppet Theatre brings its exquisite blend of visual arts and theatre to Darwin Festival. This innovative Indonesian company takes an artform most often associated with children’s stories and uses it to uncover a country’s dark history in a charming fairy tale style.

Inspired by the events of the infamous ‘Year of Living Dangerously’ in Indonesia, Mwathirika explores themes of identity and society. It uncovers some of the turmoil and upheaval that occurred in the transition to modern-day Indonesia through thought-provoking stories that are highly relatable and ultimately uplifting. Using the whimsy and seeming innocence of beautiful, simple puppets and minimal dialogue, Papermoon Puppet Theatre has created a unique multimedia performance that goes beyond the actual historical events to explore the personal side of history and its effects on the family.

Original, imaginative and utterly stunning, Mwathirika tells the hidden and forbidden story of a nation. Though the events themselves were harrowing, Papermoon Puppet Theatre tells its story with such tenderness and beauty that it will linger long in the hearts and minds of those who experience it.

You can watch the Mwathirika at Fringe Festival now everyday at 10:10 pm until August 31, 2015. Book ticket here.

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[DDM] Home, I’m Here

After a very long flight, finally I arrived in Indonesia. The main purpose for my visit here is of course to do some interviews and record some sounds for my project. I’ll be here for a whole month. I hope I can finish implement my project here so I only need to write the document when I get back to Edinburgh.

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BBQ with PPI Edinburgh

Last Saturday we had another event for Indonesia’s residences in Edinburgh. Last event was held in Richmond Common Room but this time we did it in Heriot Watt University’s Chaplaincy about half an hour from Edinburgh city center by bus. It’s a BBQ potluck party so we have to bring any stuff like meat, chicken, drink, fruit, etc. My friend and I bring fruit and sambal (seasoning). We arrived almost an hour late. Even though we were late, we didn’t miss anything. Some of my friend got lost in Heriot Watt University. They stop in the wrong bus stop so they had to walk few miles to arrive there. It was hard to make the BBQ working because all the wind and a little rain shower not to mention the cold. But in the end, we did have a good event for all of us.



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Thank You For [Not] Smoking


Thank You For [Not] Smoking

Peraturan ada untuk dilanggar, mungkin itu adalah sesuatu yang umum di masyarakat terutama di negara yang saya tinggali ini, Indonesia. Gambar diatas merupakan salah satu contoh kurangnya kesadaran masyarakat akan adanya aturan. Aturan harusnya dibuat untuk mentertibkan masyarakat bukan untuk dilanggar. Mungkin hal ini terjadi juga karena kurangnya partisipasi masyarakat dan aparat penegak hukum untuk menegakkan aturan itu sendiri.

Di negara tetangga kita Singapura, papan laranganpun sudah cukup membuat kita enggan untuk melanggarnya hal ini dikarenakan di setiap papan larangan dicantumkan denda yang harus dibayarkan jika melanggar aturan tersebut

Singapore MRT Fine Sign

Singapore MRT Fine Sign

Mungkin jika hal ini diterapkan pula di Indonesia yang menjadi masalah adalah adakah penegak hukum yang selalu setia memantau jika ada pelanggaran terjadi? atau yang lebih parah lagi hal ini bisa dijadikan sarana bagi penegak hukum yang korup untuk mengambil keuntungan. Memang bagaimanapun juga yang perlu diubah adalah manusia di dalamnya, asalkan masyarakat sadar akan pentingnya suatu aturan tersebut saya yakin pasti Indonesia akan menjadi lebih baik.

“Start something from yourself. Follow the rules and others will follow you”
– Anselmus –

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