Daily Archives: June 10, 2015

[DDM] Bye Intel NUC

As I wrote earlier in my blog post, I chose Intel NUC┬áto replace incompatible Raspberry Pi 2. It’s not as cheap as Raspberry Pi 2 (the price almost ten times) so I need to inform my sponsor about this (so they can give me funding to buy this stuff). Unfortunately, today I received an email from my sponsor that they can’t give any funding to buy new stuff. If it’s cost less than 100 pound maybe I will use my own money but it cost more than 200.

I use Intel NUC so I can address portability issue in my project. I might not need it or at least I can just use another computer and pretend that the computer is portable enough. It’s not the device that matters but the system itself. I will talk to my supervisor about this, I hope we can think of a solution for this.

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