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[DDM] Angklung Melody Abstraction – Update

This afternoon¬†I met with my supervisor. In my report I wrote that my abstraction is not efficient. My supervisor realize and he suggest me using “coll” object. After spend some time modifying my abstraction, it’s finally done and of course a lot more efficient.


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[DDM] Beta

With addition of new patch ak_aim which is the main patch for my project I can say that it’s beta version now. Why beta? well, it’s still a lot of things that I can improve. But before I do that I want to show it to my supervisor first to get his feedback.

Capture Capture2

With beta version ready, now I can move to reporting. I haven’t write a single word not even an outline :-p. At least now I can focus to write.

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[DDM] Angklung Melody Abstraction

Finally I finish it. It wasn’t easy and I think my patch is not efficient at all, you can see it in image below. I tried to make it efficient but in the end it just the same and I’m just wasting my time. Maybe I will tried it again tomorrow but for now I think it’s enough.


Last post I wrote about my abstraction that represents one Angklung note. I create this abstraction so I can use a whole set (30 notes) of Angklung melody. Want to know how it sounds? check this video

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[DDM] Angklung with Two Tubes

Today I cleaned up my abstraction and add help file. I already finish¬†three abstraction for my project; ak_speaker, ak_player, and ak_pitchshifter. There are just basic abstraction. Not just cleaning up my abstractions, today I also managed to create another abstraction. I called it ak_angklung_2tubes. Why Angklung 2 (two) tubes? I tried to structure my patch so that it’s easy to understand. Angklung 2 (two) tubes means in this abstraction I use two sample, one for big tube and another one for small tube. As I wrote in my blog post, Angklung has many variant, 2 (two) tubes called Angklung melody, 3 (three) or 4 (four) called Angklung akompanimen so this new abstraction was created specifically for Angklung melody.


This abstraction represents one Angklung note so I need to create another abstraction so it can be used for any Angklung note. I hope I can finish it tomorrow.

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[DDM] Node JS and AIM Client

It wasn’t easy. It was frustrating. But at least I can see the result. It wasn’t bad, well it’s working but I’m not easily satisfied with the result.

Okay, these past two days I’ve been working the client side of my project. At first I want to do it with just simple HTML and Javascript. But it turns out I can’t send OSC message directly from web browser. After hours searching about this problem, most of the solutions that work involving Node JS as a bridge server. I never use Node JS before but because this is the only (easy) way to solve my problem then I have no choice.

Learn Node JS wasn’t easy but was’t that hard too, well at least for me :p. Using Express web framework, I manage to create both client (i.e. the thing runs using web browser) and the bridge server all entirely in Node JS application. The client itself just basic interface for the application setting. Image below is the screenshot of the client

AIM Client

AIM Client

I also manage to integrate this with my Pure Data patch and of course it works. I still need to make the client response better and also need to clean up my patch. It still a long way to go but I’ll manage ^_^.

Btw, maybe you notice that I mention “AIM” in this blog title and you’re right, it is my project name, Angklung In Motion. Basically Angklung In Motion means Angklung using Leap Motion :D.

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