Daily Archives: July 6, 2015

[DDM] Start Learning Pure Data

I decided to use Pure Data (Pd) visual programming to create my application. I never learn Pd before so I hope it doesn’t slow down my progress. Pd usually used by sound engineer to synthesize sound. In my case I will use Pd to do sound sample with┬ámy Angklung audio sample.

Today I learned some basic Pd from this site. I learned Pd interface, control, and a little bit of audio generation using oscillator. I created small patch that produce C4 to C5 notes just like piano.

Simple piano patch

Simple piano patch

Using message control to change oscillator input and slider to control its volume. I think I will try to create a toggle control just like a piano tuts, if you click it it will output 1 and if not clicked, it will output 0.

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