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[DDM] The Making of Angklung

Today I went to Saung Angklung Udjo to meet Mr. Sam Udjo. When I got there, Mr Udjo was to busy with his work and his speech for a seminar tomorrow morning so he said that we can meet another time when he isn’t busy. Before I left, he suggest me to meet one of his Angklung craftsmen to learn how to make one.

I didn’t want to go home empty handed so I decided to interview the craftsmen instead. His name is Mr Rahmat, he create Angklung for more than 38 years. He usually spend three hours to create one angklung but if he work as a group (with other craftsmen) they can create hundreds of Angklung in a week. Basically there are four steps to create an Angklung; bamboo preparation, create frame, create bamboo tubes, and tuning. The hardest part for these steps is tuning. The bamboo itself is a special kind of bamboo, well we can use any bamboo we can find even we can also use pipe to create angklung but it won’t sound the same. Normally angklung has two tubes but in some case, it can has three or four tubes.

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