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[DDM] Interview The Experts – Questions

Before I meet with them, I need to think all possible questions for these interviews. In this post, I will try to list all the questions.

  1. What is Angklung?
  2. Where it comes from?
  3. How to make one?
  4. How we play it?
  5. What scales (notes) do they use?
  6. How many people do we need to do Angklung performance?
  7. In term of equipments, is it easy to do performance?
  8. etc

Well, these are some general questions but I’m quite sure that I will come up with another question at the time of interview.

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[DDM] Interview The Experts – Who Are They

I already got my contacts for my project’s interviews. Next week I will contact them to schedule a meeting. I chose two person for this interview. The first one is Sam Udjo, the owner of Saung Angklung Udjo, a well known place if you want to learn Angklung in Bandung, Indonesia. The second one is Eko Mursito Budi, the creator of Klungbot, a robot that can play Angklung.

My goal for this interview is to know more about Angklung. Not just it’s history but also how we make and play it. As an expert in Angklung, Mr. Udjo is the perfect person for this. To re-imagine Angklung as digital instrument, I need to know how we create each notes and I think Mr. Budi can help me with this.

Well, we’ll see how it turns out. I hoped I can get what I need to know with these interviews.

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[Review] ARC Welder – Run Android Application from Chrome

Do you want to run android application on your computer? there are a lot of emulator available out there. Let’s say Bluestacks or Genymotion, they both can run android application from your computer but what if you can run android application on your browser, cool isn’t it? ARC Welder is a Google Chrome add-ons that can run any android application from your browser. ARC Welder is available on Chrome Web Store. Just install the add-ons app and you’re ready to go. In description it says 11 MB but it will download another 100+ MB file, so prepared you internet ^_^.


Once you finish installing, it will available in your browser apps tab.


Starting an android application is simple

1. Prepare the app APK file and run ARC Welder

2. Add to ARC Welder


3. Configure emulation setting


4. Launch app. Congratulation, you have your android application


PS : The application that I use as an example here is Goers app, event aggregator application in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s currently available in iOS, Android version is still beta. Take a look at Goers here

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[DDM] Bye Intel NUC

As I wrote earlier in my blog post, I chose Intel NUC to replace incompatible Raspberry Pi 2. It’s not as cheap as Raspberry Pi 2 (the price almost ten times) so I need to inform my sponsor about this (so they can give me funding to buy this stuff). Unfortunately, today I received an email from my sponsor that they can’t give any funding to buy new stuff. If it’s cost less than 100 pound maybe I will use my own money but it cost more than 200.

I use Intel NUC so I can address portability issue in my project. I might not need it or at least I can just use another computer and pretend that the computer is portable enough. It’s not the device that matters but the system itself. I will talk to my supervisor about this, I hope we can think of a solution for this.

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BBQ with PPI Edinburgh

Last Saturday we had another event for Indonesia’s residences in Edinburgh. Last event was held in Richmond Common Room but this time we did it in Heriot Watt University’s Chaplaincy about half an hour from Edinburgh city center by bus. It’s a BBQ potluck party so we have to bring any stuff like meat, chicken, drink, fruit, etc. My friend and I bring fruit and sambal (seasoning). We arrived almost an hour late. Even though we were late, we didn’t miss anything. Some of my friend got lost in Heriot Watt University. They stop in the wrong bus stop so they had to walk few miles to arrive there. It was hard to make the BBQ working because all the wind and a little rain shower not to mention the cold. But in the end, we did have a good event for all of us.



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