[Review] Windows 10 Insider Preview

I know it’s just a preview. They even wrote that it’s far from finish but It won’t kill you if you want to try it maybe just a crash ^_^. The official release date of this Windows 10 is July 29th. It’s still more than a month away. I got this version because I join Insider Program from Microsoft. It’s free and you can join it here. If you use windows maybe you already realize that there is a notification about free upgrade to Windows 10 when they release it to public. If you can’t wait till July 29th, just download this version.

Why I want to try this Insider Preview version? well, I don’t really want to try it because it’s far from finish and I’m happy with my Windows 8.1. I tried this version because I want to try Windows 10 IoT for Raspberry Pi 2. They said to download it I have to run at least Windows 10 Insider Preview. Well, It’s not necessarily true because I can download it from Windows 8.1. Let’s just forget about Windows 10 IoT for now, I will write a review later (If I remember and in the mood :P).

Now I’ll try to review Windows 10 Insider Preview. I’ll just review visually not performance etc because I install this in virtual machine so it’s a little laggy.

Login screen – Not much changed than previous Windows 8.1

Windows 10-2015-06-05-04-54-52

Windows 10-2015-06-05-04-56-36

Desktop toolbar – Now you can search right from the toolbar

Windows 10-2015-06-05-04-57-04

Notification view – If you have Windows Phone 8.1, it’s just like that

Windows 10-2015-06-05-04-57-44

Start menu – Combination of the old and new style

Windows 10-2015-06-05-04-59-13

Windows 10-2015-06-05-05-08-25

Running app preview – It’s just like Mac OS X

Windows 10-2015-06-05-05-07-39

Microsoft Edge – Bye Internet Explorer and welcome Microsoft Edge or in this version it still use its code name “Project Spartan”. You still can open website using Internet Explorer though

Windows 10-2015-06-05-05-11-17

Ok that’s it, well at least that’s what I got from this version ^_^

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