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We Saw A Vision

Last week when I went to Dublin I found a garden called The Garden of Remembrance. It just a normal garden near city center about 10 minutes walk. It looks normal but when you see it from above, it has a cross like pool in it. At the end of the garden, there is a statue, four swan and three human, I don’t know what it’s called.


The statue


End of the garden


The cross

What makes me interested with this garden is not the cross or the statue but a passage written in the wall beside the statue.

We Saw A Vision

In the darkness of despair we saw a vision. We lit the light of hope and it was not extinguished. In the desert of discouragement we saw a vision. We planted the tree of valour and it blossomed.

In the winter of bondage we saw a vision. We melted the snow of lethargy and the river of resurrection flowed from it.

We sent our vision aswim like a swan on the river. The vision became a reality. Winter became summer, bondage became freedom and this we left to you as your inheritance.

O generations of freedom remember us, the generation of the vision.

– Liam Mac Uistin

We are generation of freedom. Be proud of it but don’t forget the people that make it happen.

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