[DDM] Intel NUC Instead of Raspberry Pi 2

As you know, my final project not only addressing sound quality and natural interaction but also portability. At first when I come up with this project, I thought I can use Raspberry Pi 2 as part of my project. Leap Motion and Raspberry Pi 2 will become a perfect match to address this portability issue. After I do another research, it turns out that Raspberry Pi 2 isn’t supported by Leap Motion, at least that’s what they said in forum. They said that Raspberry Pi 2 doesn’t have enough juice to works with Leap Motion. Knowing that I can’t use Raspberry Pi 2, I had to choose another candidate for this portability issue, small but powerful enough to handle Leap Motion.

After some digging, I found Intel NUC. Intel NUC is a mini PC from Intel, small enough for my project and powerful enough to handle Leap Motion. Of course it’s powerful, it has core i3 in there. Compared to Raspberry Pi 2, Intel NUC is full fledged mini PC, so I won’t bother comparing these two, they’re just like apple and orange. And also, Intel NUC way more expensive than Raspberry Pi 2 :D. Okay, we’ll see how it turns out with my project.

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