Daily Archives: May 8, 2015

[DDM] Final Project Proposal

Today I sent my final project proposal to my program director. It’s about digital Angklung.

“Angklung is a traditional musical instrument from West Java Indonesia. In 2010, UNESCO officially declared Angklung as World Heritage. As a world heritage, we have duty to protect this instrument in today’s modern world. This project’s intention is to digitally preserve this musical instrument. This project will not only preserve its unique sound but also how we play it. This project will use motion sensor to create user interaction as natural as possible. There are several examples of digital Angklung in internet, such as Angklung  and iAngklung . Most examples in internet usually created for educational purpose only. This project aims to create digital Angklung that qualify for concert size performance”.

Those sentences are from my proposal. Basically it’s about preserving Angklung into digital form. I hope this project will go as I planned. Wish me luck ^_^

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